Buy him a one way ticket…

Ottawa man ordered to surrender passport, keep away from ISIS

An Ottawa man the RCMP had alleged might leave Canada to engage in terrorism has been ordered to give up his passport and stay away from supporters of the so-called Islamic State.

Abdulmuti Elmi, 24, was initially arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a liquor store and assaulting a man with a bottle but the RCMP had also sought a terrorism peace bond against him.

Great another crazy Islamist roaming the streets…

Elmi was required to live with a surety in Orléans and abide by the routine and discipline of the home, according to court records.

But Ottawa police say Elmi ran afoul and was at large on June 22 when they charged the mentally ill man for opening a bag of chips at an Elgin Street convenience store without paying for them. He dumped some of the chips on the floor and, when asked if he was going to pay for them, said he wanted to go to jail. Ottawa police officially charged him with mischief for damaging the bag of potato chips. The police also charged him with robbery for allegedly stealing money.