Do Freeland & Trudeau Hope Going “The Full Kathy Griffin” Will Be An Election Winner?

John Ivison: Liberals eye potential electoral gains from ‘taking on the tyrant’ Trump

Has Chrystia Freeland given up hope of a renegotiated NAFTA deal and resolved instead to use opposition to Donald Trump in Canada to ramp up domestic support for the Liberals ahead of next year’s general election?

How else to explain her appearance at Monday’s Women in the World summit in Toronto, on a panel entitled Taking on the Tyrant?

Freeland continues to pay lip-service to the prospect of a deal — that it can be done, with good will and flexibility on all sides.

We’ve been speculating for some time that Team Trudeau considers the destruction of our economy to be the “progressive” thing to do, so sabotaging NAFTA makes sense to them. No more horrible oil drilling or auto manufacturing for Canada, Justin is above all that. Think of all the unemployed it will create who can then go on to satisfying careers in the Good Green Jobs economy, like Dumpster Diving.

And what better way to achieve these goals than by taking full advantage of the mentally unstable who suffer Trump Derangement Syndrome.