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‘Millions Of Water Bottles’ Left On Puerto Rico Runway A Year After Hurricane Maria

FEMA has confirmed that a huge stockpile of bottled water, sent to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, has been sitting on a runway for a year – despite Donald Trump branding the US response an incredible success.

Photos of the consignment were shared online by photographer Abdiel Santana who estimated there were possibly millions of water bottles sitting on a runway in Ceiba. Santana, who is a photographer for a Puerto Rican police agency, questioned why the water was left sitting there unused and not delivered to hurricane survivors.

REPORT: Contrary To Trudeau Government Claims, Illegal Border Crossings Have Wrecked Canada’s Refugee System

Crossing into Canada illegally from the United States is not a legitimate act, and it is illegal – regardless of what the disloyal open borders elites try to say.

For a long time, the Trudeau government attacked anyone who raised questions about illegal crossings. The Liberals claimed that the system could easily handle it.

Of course, we’ve seen that the system can’t handle it.

Heavily Armed Individuals Caught On Camera Entering Country Illegally Through AZ Ranch

Jim Chilton, 79, owns a 50,000-acre ranch situated on the U.S.-Mexico border, which has become a hotspot for illegals crossing into the country.

Security camera footage from as recently as 2018 shows individuals in camouflage toting large backpacks and in some cases what appears to be military-style assault rifles walking through his ranch into the States incident free. They even attach the military-style assault rifles to horses.

When Does Free Speech Become Hate Speech?

Canada listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization in 2002 and currently has a no-contact policy with its members,” Global Affairs Canada spokesperson Rachna Mishra wrote in an email statement.

But it is OK to fly Hezbollah symbols in Canada as we saw in the Al Quds Day parade in Toronto 2018?

Sweden’s Election Had No Control Mechanism To Prevent Voter Fraud – Results Are Suspicious

Three days after the Swedish election social media is overflowing with hundreds of reports of suspected electoral fraud. However, sporadic mistakes in the voting system are not the problem – what is way more dangerous is politically initiated election fraud. Is there a risk that the parties who have ruled Sweden for a long time have created a system that completely misses or ignores systematic election fraud? Today, Ingrid & Maria can reveal that Sweden completely lacks a system that can detect such cheating.

Plus the ballots are in a foreign language!