Sweden goes to the polls with ̷f̷a̷r̷-̷r̷i̷g̷h̷t̷ ̷ citizens concerned about insane immigration policy set to hold balance of power

Polling stations have opened in Sweden in elections likely to force a historic realignment in the nation’s politics, as support for the established centre-right and centre-left blocs slumps in the face of a surge by the populist, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats.

Late polls showed that the race was too close to call, with the outgoing Social Democrat-Green coalition of prime minister Stefan Löfven and its ex-communist Left party parliamentary allies on about 40-41% of the vote, and the four-party centre-right opposition, led by the Moderates, two to three points behind.

BBC – Swedish election: Vote begins amid anti-immigration surge

Polls have opened and The Local Sweden claims to live blogging, but not much is happening yet.