Historian Gerry Bowler knocks Canada’s current cream puff diplomacy

At C2C Journal:

how much virtue signalling can our country afford? What will be the price tag of Canada’s demands that the United States and Mexico build our views on gender equity into the new NAFTA? How far are we willing to go to make our Canadian values count, let us say, in our economic and political relations with China? Are we willing to jeopardize our prosperity and squander our decidedly limited credibility by interfering in Korean, Indian, Russian, or Brazilian affairs? This is an important issue on which it is possible for reasonable Canadians to disagree. But we must have the debate, and soon. More.

Reality check: It’s not even clear, now that Dr. Bowler mentions it, how much of this acting out is Canadian values and how much of it is the values of Trudeau and his support group or whatever. Talk about a man making clear that he doesn’t really need the job…

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