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SHE’S BACK, TOO! Hillary to appear at ‘Lesbians Who Tech’ event

Move over Back Obama: Hillary Clinton isn’t going away, either.

As the midterms approach, the throwbacks of the Democrat Party are taking center stage.

This week, Clinton will be appearing at a “Lesbians Who Tech” conference in New York, according to a promotional video put out by the group.

Fla. Teachers Offended by ‘In God We Trust;’ Want Signs Removed

Palm Beach County teachers who were offended by an “In God We Trust” sign displayed in front offices prompted the school district on Wednesday to come up with a new way to comply with a recently approved state law.

The School Board agreed to use the state seal, which also says “In God We Trust,” in place of Palm Beach County’s homemade design, which posted the words in bold capital letters. The seal is more subtle and can’t be criticized, board members said.

68% Of Canadians Want Face-Coverings Like The Niqab & Burka Banned In Public. So Why Doesn’t Any Political Party Represent That Point Of View?

One of the most serious threats to the future of our nation is the growing gap between the views of the Canadian People, and the views put forward by the top contending parties.

And when it comes to Canadian identity, and what is, and isn’t acceptable in Canada, those in power are often totally unwilling to actually stand up for what Canadians want.

Two health scares at US airports tied to Mecca pilgrims

Two major health scares at US airports involving inbound flights are related to pilgrims returning from the Haj, the Muslim pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which ended in late August, US health officials said on Friday.

On Wednesday, US health officials sent an emergency response team with mobile diagnostic equipment to John F Kennedy International Airport in New York after they were told that more than 100 passengers aboard an Emirates airlines flight from Dubai were experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Trudeau’s Scatterbrained Strategy for Governing Is Seriously Harming Canada

With Canada’s unemployment rate rising, foreign direct investment into Canada being cut in half, and over $100 billion dollars in key government projects that are being bungled or cancelled, it may be time to have a serious discussion about the capacity of the Trudeau government to manage the Canadian economy or govern Canada in a serious and competitive fashion.

Since 2015, it seems the Trudeau government has continuously placed economic concerns on the bottom of its priority list, while prioritizing a massive list of social and environmental causes.