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Sweden to build Holocaust museum in Malmo

Sweden has plans to launch a Holocaust museum with a focus on Holocaust survivors from the Scandinavian country and a center devoted to the diplomat Raoul Wallenberg.

Announcing the decision to create the museum, Swedish Minister of Social Affairs and Sports Minister Annika Strandhall‏ said Tuesday on Twitter that the news “feels more important than ever.”

MALCOLM: Trudeau’s lack of seriousness is behind all these messes

Not too long ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could rely on his star power to get him through tough political times.

No matter the controversy — when he violated ethics laws, when his budget deficits went billions over budget, when he gave Omar Khadr $10.5 million — Trudeau could trust his pals in the media to change the subject with a puff piece or a torqued article about how Trudeau was doing everything right.

Homeowner installs electric fence next to school bus stop

A Virginia man may have gone a little too far to keep pesky kids off his lawn — by installing an electric fence around his property, according to a new report.

Bryan Tucker, who lives near a bus stop in Henrico County where middle and high schoolers congregate, said he put up the fence because he grew tired of students trespassing and leaving trash on his property.

New TV Show Targeted Toward ‘Real Men’ Forced To Change Name After Backlash from Left

The Bravo network announced in July that actor Jerry O’Connell would be hosting a new late-night talk show this fall called “Real Men Watch Bravo.”

The show’s name, an apparent reference to the fact that Bravo’s viewers are mostly women and gay men, sparked an immediate backlash. Critics slammed it as “homophobic” and “sexist.”

Ontario to soon build an ‘open for business’ sign at the Canada-U. S. border

Ontario is “open for business” and soon there will be massive sign on the Canada-U.S. border to tout that.

Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Minister Jim Wilson confirmed Wednesday that Premier Doug Ford’s election promise of signage near the New York frontier will be kept.