Vicious Leftist hate again

I have been saying for years now that the basic motivation of the Left is hate — hate for the world about them and hate for their own country as part of that. They hate and want to destroy “the system” around them. Most people probably thought that what I said was a bit much but can anybody doubt it now, after witnessing the flood of hate that the Left have poured out at Mr Trump and his supporters? There’s another instance of it below.

And it’s not just a few loonies doing it. It’s across the board — from restaurant owners to Congresscritters — with big contributions from Hollywood, the media, the educational system and most of the bureaucracy. Fortunately, the military is always solidly conservative or else we might have had some sort of coup or revolution by now.

It just took a real conservative to come on the scene for the masks to fall. Mr Trump’s approval among Republican voters is now above 90% so Trumpism now IS American conservatism. The weak-kneed conservatives of the GOP in the past who allowed themselves to be abashed by Leftist flim-flam have now been left behind by history. We are now looking at a real Left-Right contest and we see that in their motivations the American Left is just as hate-fuelled and murderous as the Left has always been, from the gory French revolution with its busy guillotines, to Stalin to Hitler and to Mao. The basic psychology of all Leftists is clearly the same.