No, we are NOT that dumb, but don’t tell the other guys…

Why should we encourage them to be any smarter? From Sean Blanda at Medium:

We should all enter every issue with the very real possibility that we might be wrong this time.

Isn’t it possible that you, reader of Medium and Twitter power user, like me, suffer from this from time to time? Isn’t it possible that we’re not right about everything? That those who live in places not where you live, watch shows that you don’t watch, and read books that you don’t read, have opinions and belief systems just as valid as yours? That maybe you don’t see the entire picture?

Think political correctness has gotten out of control? Follow the many great social activists on Twitter. Think America’s stance on guns is puzzling? Read the stories of the 31% of Americans that own a firearm. This is not to say the Other Side is “right” but that they likely have real reasons to feel that way. And only after understanding those reasons can a real discussion take place. More.

Reality check: Blanda seems to be someone who wants a real discussion. But, the way universities have gone, he is not going to run into very many young people who can sustain a real discussion.

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