Andrew Scheer: Let The Rebel report from the convention

Andrew Scheer has banned The Rebel from sending any reporters to the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Halifax.


He’s invited the CBC, of course. Trudeau’s state broadcaster has waged a relentless war against the Conservative Party, they mock Andrew Scheer every single day, they engage in unethical journalism, they call conservatives “racist”, and they concoct fake news against anyone right wing. Same with Maclean’s, the Huffington Post, Vice, the Toronto Star — every single left-wing media organization, Scheer is allowing to report at the convention.

Scheer is proving to be a useless tit. Why must we suffer such milquetoast politicos in this country? He made one good speech after securing the leadership, everything afterwards has been careerist crap. No I will not support another crappy “leader”.