Evening Photos

(1) Winter dawn (near St Petersburg, Russia) by Фёдор Лашков

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(2) Spring mist (Peak District, England) by James Mills

(3) Birch trees, fall colour (Washington) by Aaron Reed

(4) Olive tree and lavender (near Valensole, Provence, France) by Brian Jannsen

(5) Altai autumn with birches (Teletskoye Lake, Altai, Russia) by Vlad Sokolovsky

(6) Balnakeil Bay (Sutherland, Scotland) by Christopher Swan (@thechristopherswan)

(7) Winter morning twilight (Kolomna, Moscow Oblast, Russia) by Alexander Maretsky

(8) Blue Moon (Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, north shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota) by Sam Abair

(9) Pathway (Netherlands) by Lars van de Goor

(10) Autumn (Ukraine) by Alexander Kitsenko

(11) Distant light (Fredvang, Nordland, Norway) by Lesley Gooding

(12) Cherry blossoms by Cynthia Phillips

(13) A path in the forest (Ukraine) by Oksana Galanzovskaya

(14) Fall foliage by Andrea Kuipers (@andreakuipers)

(15) A new day (Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) by Guido de Kleijn

(16) Karlovy Vary [Carlsbad] (Czech Republic) by Allane Milliane



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