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Easy Overnight Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

‘Be Like Maxine’: Activist Group Selling Merchandise Inspired by Rep. Waters

Color of Change, which claims to be the largest online racial justice organization in the United States, recently launched the #BeLikeMaxine campaign with the slogan “civility won’t save us.”

There is no homeless in #SaudiArabia such as #Canada because our government knows how dealing with citizens very well.

‘Canada is the world’s worst oppressor of women’: Saudi Arabia’s bizarre propaganda campaign

Within hours of Saudi Arabia expelling Canada’s ambassador, the country’s broadcasters and pro-government social media accounts ramped into high gear digging up dirt on its newest enemy.

A recurring theme of Saudi attacks against Canada is “those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” an expression that is roughly the same in both English and Arabic.

Norway trials free heroin prescriptions for most serious addicts

Norway, which has one of the highest fatal drug overdose rates in Europe, is to trial prescribing free heroin to the most serious addicts to improve their living conditions, the government said.

The Norwegian directorate for health and social affairs is behind an experimental project to identify patients likely to benefit from the programme, to examine the implementation method, and to calculate the costs.

Microsoft threatened to stop hosting the alt-right’s favorite social network

Thursday morning (Aug. 9), Microsoft sent an ultimatum to the social networking site Gab: Take down two anti-Semitic posts from the platform in the next 48 hours, or we’ll stop hosting your site on our servers.

Gab founder Andrew Torba posted the email to Twitter in addition to his site, which has become a water cooler for neo-Nazis and the alt-right since it launched two years ago.

Canada: Muslim who stabbed soldiers for Allah will not be attending college after all

Mohawk College said that the news about Ali was actually “news to them” and that Ali “has not applied to Mohawk.” The college was also inundated with calls and concerns from parents and students. The college added in another point that it could not “deny someone education based on mental illness, but it can develop a plan so that student safety is ensured.”