If True It’s Big – This means Faisal Hussain was one of the RCMP’s “Free Range Jihadis.” Or as Justin prefers an “extraordinarily strong voice”

If true this explains the clearly orchestrated effort to deceive the public on the Danforth Muslim terror attack by Faisal Hussain. The RCMP allows muslims who have returned from performing their religious duty as murderers for allah to walk among us freely if they say sorry.

…it appears that there are cases when the RCMP and prosecutors make the discretionary choice to not lay charges even when they could. Back in 2016, then RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson told media that in the case of some radicals they don’t arrest them because “we assessed that they’re back, they’re sorry, they’re working to try to get their heads straight and we’re relying on family members or other professionals.”

You read that right: Some jihadists get off free if they say sorry.

Our political class is afraid of us. They know they will be held accountable for having invited a violent supremacist cult to settle in Canada.