Things “Experts” Believe: Convicted gun felons tell Toronto Study that anything but themselves to blame for making them go Gangsta

City of Toronto studies why youth turn to guns

People don’t buy guns for no reason.

The likelihood a young person will end up a participant in or victim of a shooting depends on factors including socioeconomic status and trauma at a young age, a new report from the City of Toronto and partner organizations says — factors that are hard to study, and often left out of reports on crime statistics.

The report – which comes during a spike in gun violence, is based on independent research and interviews with 10 people who were between the ages of 15 and 30 when they were incarcerated for gun possession. It focuses on what it calls “sparks,” or events that can increase or decrease the likelihood that a young person will be involved in firearms-related crime. For instance, experiencing gun violence could lead a child to buy a gun to protect himself or herself, and be charged with possession of a firearm.

Some of the sparks for those interviewed for the report include poverty, racism and negative experiences with the legal system. Multiple participants said they internalized behaviour they viewed as “expected” from them due to experiences with the media and police.

Racism? Thank goodness I now know I am to blame, when in doubt play the white guilt card!

“…experiencing gun violence could lead a child to buy a gun to protect himself” How did that slip in here? That’s the closest anyone has come to placing the “blame” on the right shoulders potentially giving cause for the “community” to engage in self-reflection so I know you don’t mean that.

Negative experiences with the police? You mean you got caught.

Experiences with the media lead to “expected behavior’? You mean the Gangsta glorifying Hip Hop culture that dominates your community lead you astray? There’s a reason the phrase “an aspiring rapper just getting his life together” has become a cliche in crime reporting.

These felons know how to con, they’ve parroted the victimhood culture their “social worker experts” taught them and the “experts” swallowed it all.