A Question for Democrats – How will they deal with anti-Semitism in their party?

Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison, vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, announced last month that he would not seek reelection, instead choosing to run for state attorney general. State representative Ilhan Omar, whose legislative district in Minneapolis sits squarely within the state’s fifth congressional district, won her party’s endorsement for Ellison’s seat at the special June 17 convention held in the wake of the congressman’s announcement. An August 14 primary looms. Omar faces four opponents, but by any reckoning is the heavy favorite.

Look to Britain’s Labour Party. You’ll find your answer there. The left cannot win on ideas but they can attempt to forestall total defeat by fashioning a “big tent” that has room for anti-semites only they’ll call it diversity. In the USA as in Canada and Great Britain this means courting the Islamic vote.