Castro butt licker Trudeau pretends he’s tough on Putin

In a contrast to Trump, Trudeau has harsh words for Putin after Helsinki summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has avoided criticizing U.S. President Donald Trump’s behaviour during a controversial media conference Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Instead, Trudeau tried to draw a clear distinction Tuesday between himself and Trump when he was asked about the meeting.

“Canada has been unequivocal in our condemnation of Vladimir Putin and Russia,” said Trudeau in Sutherlands River, N.S.

Trump Derangement Syndrome aside the manufactured hysterical “Fear” of Russia now on display is an expression of horror by our homegrown globalists, the EU and NATO parasites, horror at the realization that the jig is up. Their well-heeled lives of power, a luxury lifestyle subsidized by the USA, is under direct threat. Trump’s treatment of Putin was a complement to positions aired to participants of the NATO and G7 summits. A clear shot across their bow as much as an effort to repair relations with Russia rather than pointlessly scold Putin and come away with nothing.