Evening Photos + kitten

(1) Santa Maddalena (Dolomites, Italy) by Jan Siemiński

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(2) Ginger kitten among fall beech leaves and cotoneaster berries by Jane Burton

(3) Winter in the forest (no location given) by Alexander Kitsenko

(4) Magnolia tree in bloom by Julia Dávila-Lampe (@chaulafanita)

(5) Country lane in early fall (Poland) by Mist73

(6) Storm clouds and sunrise on Tasmania’s southeast coast (Australia) by Jimmy Emms (@jimmyemmsphotography)

(7) Pastoral scene (Ontario) by Lisa Stokes

(8) Colors of Lapland (Kola Peninsula, Russia) by Sergey Anchipolevsky

(9) The Kremlin* of Rostov (Russia) by Sergey Semenov

(10) Misty morning (Maklok, Voronezh, Russia) by Марья Киреева (@mari_vurdal_photo)

(11) Winterscape at Roan Mountain (Tennessee) by Serge Skiba

(12) Summer cabin (Finland) by Asko Kuittinen

(13) Sunset (near Kamloops, BC) by Raul Weisser

(14) Fall (Eastern Sierra, California) by Charlotte Gibb (@charlottegibb)

(15) Reflecting the morning (Argentina) by Taisa Natalka (@taisanatalka)

(16) Peach corner of Oia (Santorini, Greece) by Laura Comolli (@PursesandI)


*The Kremlin [literal meaning: citadel] of Rostov was built more for decorative purposes than for military defence. The Russian Orthodox Church wants to use some of the buildings for a monastery. See more here.



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