Evening Photos

(1) Sun streams into the autumn woods (Netherlands) by Karla Leeftink

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(2) Moody Swedish countryside by Christian Lindsten (@lindstenfoto)

(3) Magical winter sunset (Julian Alps, Slovenia) by Levente Fesus

(4) Spring (Finland) by Asko Kuittinen

(5) City in the mountains (Banff, Alberta) by Peter Drevenka

(6) Pink dogwood [photographer unknown]

(7) Autumn path in the forest (no location given) by Norbert Maier

(8) Threatening sky at sunset (Volostnaya Mountain, Kandalaksha, Russia) by Sergey Anchipolevsky

(9) Auvergne countryside (France) by Roger Marcel

(10) Riders (Colorado) by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard)

(11) Surf at sunset (Iceland) by Brian Kibbons

(12) Fall colours (Banff, Alberta) by Eva Lechner

(13) Winter morning (Japan) by Hirokazu Kamei from the Tokyo Camera Club

(14) Summer forest (Upper Franconia, Germany) by Heiko Gerlicher (@heikogerlicher)

(15) Canyon (Zion National Park, Utah) by Peter Coskun Nature Photography

(16) Snowing on Water Street (Gastown, Vancouver, BC) by Michael Thornquist (@seaside_signs)



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