Jolly Old England: Town rocked by grooming gang scandal enlisting garbage-men to spot signs of abuse due to lack of “resources”

Police in a town rocked by the ‘UK’s worst ever child-grooming scandal’ are now training bin men to spot signs of sex abuse due to limited resources.

Telford and Wrekin Council along with West Mercia Police are training refuse collectors how to look out for paedophiles during their morning rounds.

They will also be advising hotel workers, shopkeepers, taxi drivers and firefighters on how to spot the tell-tale signs of child sexual exploitation in the Shropshire town.

Telford is still reeling from a scandal which saw claims that as many as 1,000 minors were abused over 40 years by ‘groups of mainly Asian men’ targeting vulnerable white teenagers – with authorities ‘mishandling’ cases and ‘allowing offenders to escape justice’.