Archdiocese of Toronto fighting Liberal demand for abortion support if they want funds for student summer jobs

From the staff at the Catholic Register,

Catholics across the Archdiocese of Toronto are being asked to support an ongoing protest against the pro-abortion Canada Summer Jobs attestation with their voices and their wallets.

In his letter, Collins said at least 150 summer jobs have been “jeopardized” by the new rules for the summer jobs funding application, including a summer camp for deaf children and jobs for developmentally challenged youth.

Collins encourages parishioners in the Toronto archdiocese to support groups denied funding by contributing to special parish collections or making a donation online. People can write a letter directly to their MP through More.

Reality check: A friend tells me that other Catholic dioceses are also raising the funds for summer jobs programs directly from parishioners. That is the appropriate response to a demand for support for live baby dismemberment, as a condition of employing the kids who escaped. That and reducing the Liberal Party to two seats in the 2019 election.

The dioceses should later insist on a refund from the government, as the organizations should have been granted the funds in the first place. They should also insist on strict conscience rights hereafter.

Meanwhile, I am informed in a mailing from the Conservatives that

Last week, at a rally in downtown Toronto, Sheik Shafiq Hudda of the Islamic Humanitarian Service called for the eradication of Israelis – genocide.

This included saying he wanted to see Israelis in “body bags.”

Again, this wasn’t in the Middle East. It was right here in Canada’s biggest city.

This is abhorrent and entirely contrary to our values as Canadians.

What’s truly enraging is that the Islamic Humanitarian Service is receiving funding from the Liberals through the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

Right. And was there something else we wanted to know about Trudeau’s people? How about, they play for keeps and most other folk don’t seem to.

See also: The real reason for demanding that groups approve abortion if they want funds to hire students?  Trudeau is advised by clever people and what they wanted to see was how many Catholic organizations took the money Many did and, to my knowledge, the bishops have not censured them. So everyone sees that the Church is without witness here. Update: Friend tells me that in fact, these groups have since been contacted and censured for doing so.