CP24: Trial begins for guilty as sin pick-up driving white man accused of killing totally innocent Indigenous man south of Hamilton

Trial begins for white man accused of killing Indigenous man south of Hamilton

HAMILTON — The second-degree murder trial of a white homeowner charged with gunning down an Indigenous man who was allegedly stealing his 15-year-old pickup truck got underway Tuesday under close watch of First Nations leaders in Ontario.

The case has some similarities to the racially fraught trial and acquittal earlier this year of a white Saskatchewan farmer accused of murdering an Indigenous man.

In his opening statement, Crown lawyer James Nadel told jurors that the white accused, Peter Khill, shot Jon Styres, 29, in the early hours of Feb. 4, 2016.

I wonder how this went down at CP24… Hmmmm… The Indian was caught dead to rights on the guys property stealing his vehicle… but it was a 15 year old vehicle, so not worth much and who drives a pickup – no one but white guy Redneck racists, yea torque that so we protect the narrative.

h/t UKMedia