Evening Photos + Cat of Hagia Sophia

(1) Sunrise on a misty early fall day (Czech Republic) by Zan Foar

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(2) As the sun rises (Emerald Lake, Yoho, BC) by Claudio Bezerra (@cbezerraphotos)

(3) Cloudy evening (Sheregesh, Kemerovo region, Russia) by Alexey Turkov

(4) Poppy heaven by Bart Ceuppens

(5) Maui surf (Hawaii) by Steven Lamar

(6) Cloverdale River Park (Sonoma County, California) by (@dr.cbg)

(7) Spring blossoms by Mykhailo Sherman

(8) Winter (Boden, Sweden) by Linda Bergvall (@photosbylinda)

(9) Maple leaves in the fall by Michael Brandt

(10) The rice paddies of Tegallalang (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia) by Zoe (@thetigersjourney)

(11) Full moon on a white night* (near St Petersburg, Lake Ladoga, Karelia, Russia) by Fedor Lashkov [*In reference to the long summer days at 60°N]

(12) Ecker River in autumn (Harz Mountains, Germany) by Michael Lumme

(13) Path through a misty Baltic Coast woodland (Nienhagen, Germany) by Heiko Gerlicher

(14) Emerald Lake Lodge (Yoho, BC) by Victor Aerden (@victoraerden)

(15) The bizarre hoodoo formations at sunrise (Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah) by Jordan Edgcomb

(16) “The Cat Visitor” watches the historic magnificence of Hagia Sophia (Istanbul, Turkey) [According to some sources, the cat lives there]



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