‘Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade’: Trump rips Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the European Union from Singapore

Donald Trump signaled Monday in his first tweets from Singapore exactly where his focus was heading into a nuclear summit with Kim Jong-un – and it wasn’t on the decades-old dispute with North Korea over its threatening behavior.

Trump instead took aim at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who he’s been sparring with from across the International Dateline over steel and aluminum tariffs the U.S. imposed on its allies in the name of national security.

‘Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal,’ Trump on Monday morning harrumphed. ‘According to a Canada release, they make almost 100 Billion Dollars in Trade with U.S. (guess they were bragging and got caught!). Minimum is 17B. Tax Dairy from us at 270%. Then Justin acts hurt when called out!’