Brian Lilley: Justin Trudeau: champion of diversity, or unenlightened despot?

From Brian Lilley at MercatorNet:

To most of the outside world, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the boyish heartthrob of the global, progressive left. He is the poster boy for what Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Jeremy Corybn stand for.

To a growing number of Canadians, and those in the rest of the world willing to look, Trudeau is being seen as an unenlightened despot.

I’ve been watching Trudeau crack down on those he disagrees with for so long I’m growing immune. He has done this by trying to change the rules in Parliament to stifle opposition; he has favoured media that are favourable to him like the state funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and more recently has stopped summer job grants to groups that don’t agree with him on abortion. More.

Reality check: Trudeaupian “diversity” is “My way or the highway.” Just like War is Peace. Love is Hate. Etc. That is the whole point of it. And if Canadians vote for it again, we will get more of it.

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