Mr. Trudeau, stop apologizing to dead Jews while condemning live ones

It is repulsive that days after Prime Minister Trudeau apologized for Canada’s refusal to allow the 940 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany aboard the St.Louis to dock in Canada in 1939, he condemned Israeli defensive action against tens of thousands of armed Hamas-led Gazans breaching Israel’s border fence 2km from Israeli civilian areas as “inexcusable” and called for an international commission to look into Israel’s conduct. So first he condemns and then he calls for an inquiry. “Sentence first, trial after,” said the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. If his apology for the actions of Liberal Prime Minister Mackenzie King that resulted in the subsequent slaughter of the St.Louis refugees at Auschwitz was sincere, one would think he would have the decency and intellectual honesty not to twist facts and to allow the Jews of today the same right of self-defence that is accorded to all other nations so that in the future no further apologies would be necessary.