Input needed… Cannabis based alternatives to opioids for Arthritis

Hi All,

Me Sainted Irish Mother is slowly being crippled by arthritis, its reached the point now where her sleep is severely disrupted and even cutting her own meat at dinner is too difficult.

She has been offered opioid based pain killers in the past when the bad bouts were a passing rather than ongoing issue but has complained of the constipation caused. ( I am told Miralax is good for this)

We’re off to see her cardiologist (recent halter results showed a very low heart rate) this morning and will ask what if anything we can use that won’t conflict with her heart medications and will follow up with both he and her GP.

I’ve heard 3rd hand that some cannabis based alternatives are very effective. Can anyone let me know of their experience with these?

We’re willing to try anything at this point as her quality of life has been so seriously affected.

Thank you.