Mayor Tory Decries Islamophobic Graffiti At Muslim School Where Students Praise Khomeini & Wish For Hezbollah Leader’s Defeat Of The Zionist Regime

Graffiti spray-painted on Scarborough Muslim school ‘disturbing,’ Tory says

Yes Mayor Tory was in full Islamophobia mode about some graffiti on the Wali ul Asr east campus school stating this language has “absolutely no place in Toronto.”

You’re damn right Mr. Tory but how about condemning the Jew hate taught at the Wali ul Asr schools? Cat got your tongue in a diversity twist? CP24 is as usual running with this like it’s the end of the world. I understand our media is an agenda driven haven for the lazy liberal-left but this is simply a willful denial of Islam’s true contribution to our “mosaic of diversity.”

Below is a video from a speech competition held at Wali ul Asr Brampton location that I reported on in 2012, I doubt things have improved.

In this clip the young lady opens by denigrating Western society in a discussion on the need to wear the hijab. She concludes with praise for the Ayatollah Khomeini and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the banned terrorist group Hezbollah. Her praise for Nasrallah focuses on his defeat of the “Zionist Regime”

The Wali ul Asr annual “art” competitions are also …enlightening

Oh look Israel no longer exists! Aren’t kids funny!