Crime Plague in the Alamo City

San Antonio is ill-served by activists posing as law-enforcement officials.

With its sightseeing attractions and military bases, San Antonio may be a quaint tourist destination—home of the Alamo and the scenic River Walk—but with a population of nearly 1.5 million, it is also the seventh-largest city in America. In fast-growing Texas, boasting six of the nation’s 20 most populous cities, only Houston is bigger. Though frequently overshadowed by its more cosmopolitan siblings Austin and Dallas, “San Antone” is a teeming urban center, with the same problems confronting other major cities. And in one of those problem areas—crime—San Antonio is, unfortunately, a leader. According to FBI data, the diverse, progressively run Alamo City had the highest rate of “serious crime” among the country’s 15 largest cities in 2016.