Continental Breakfast

Soft, tender, and bursting with flavor, these White Chocolate Raspberry Scones are sure to be a hit for breakfast or brunch!

Travel delays expected as customs agents being moved from GTA to Quebec to handle migrant surge

Border and customs agents are being pulled from the Greater Toronto Area to handle a “significant” influx of asylum seekers across the U.S. border into Quebec over the summer months.

The move is expected to lead to delays for travellers embarking from overseas and U.S. flights at Toronto’s Pearson International airport – the country’s busiest airport – and land-border crossings in southern Ontario.

9-year-old migrant boy threatens Austrian children with knife: “My job is to kill people”

Several elementary school children were threatened by a boy with a migrant background in Ried, Austria. The case went public after Austria’s OÖN received a letter from worried parents about the incident.

The Turkish boy, who is only nine years old, threatened other school children with a knife and said that it is his job to kill people and god had commanded him to do so.

I’m willing to bet he didn’t say ‘god’.

Syrian Couple Who Threatened To Kill Daughter For Dating Canadian Man Won’t Face Deportation

In what many are calling another example of how Canada’s authorities often fail to stand up for Canadian values, prosecutors have let a Syrian couple plead guilty to a less serious charge in order to avoid deportation, even after they threatened to murder their daughter for dating a Canadian man.

You know darn well ‘Canadian’ wasn’t the problem. The letter C was involved though.

‘Touching’: Norway Mulls Giving Away ‘Extra’ Christian Holidays to Muslims

In an unorthodox proposal, the Norwegian Christian Student Union has suggested giving away “secondary” holidays, such Saint Stephen’s day (in Scandinavia known as the second day of Christmas), Easter Monday and the second day of Pentecost, currently public holidays, the Klassekampen daily reported.

According to Norwegian Christian Student Union leader Ingvild Yrke, Muslims, the environmental movement and the feminist movement are the likely beneficiaries, with the end of the Islamic month of fasting Ramadan possibly being elevated to a national holiday.

LGBTQ2+ museum to be created in Ottawa

A Canadian advocacy group is raising funds to create the country’s first museum presenting historical and current stories of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or of other gender or sexual minorities. The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity will spend a year consulting museums, archives and communities across the country to figure out what the museum will present.

“We’re excited by people’s enthusiasm and by people’s passion… We were talking about the project in Windsor yesterday, and kids literally took change out of their pockets and said, ‘here, take this. I want to know who invented the rainbow flag. I want to know what happened during the years of decriminalization. I want to know about the bathhouse raids…’”