Toronto Star tear-jerker

Picture selection will likely be labeled racist.

The skinny as provided by reader Red Violin.

76 year old Jamaican great-grandmother – resident in Toronto Canada 40 years – forced from public housing two story townhome at Jane & Finch where she has lived for last 31 years. Paying $500 a month for a whole townhome.

Never married.

Has 70 grandchildren and great grandchildren!!!

So – at least 31 years on social assistance. 11 or 12 children, plus 70 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Her socially assisted housing is closing and she has to move to another socially assisted development.

This great-grandmother was forced from her home of 31 years. Hers is the face of a broken public housing system

She has celebrated moments of extraordinarily good fortune. In 2012, she won $100,000 playing Keno.

The money didn’t last.

How do you get to stay in Public Housing after winning 100k?