From enriched and vibrant Britain: ‘hero murdered 10 years on… At 14, he saved a girl from a gang of rapists – then defied death threats to put them away’

Abraham Badru

h/t UCSPanther

Here’s a decade-old version of the story which gives more information about the perps and, oddly, doesn’t mention Badru.

As he walked down a corridor, Badru looked into a flat where he saw, with horror, a young girl being raped — passed around like a piece of meat — by up to nine boys. It later emerged the rape had been punishment for ‘disrespecting’ 14-year-

O’Neil “Hitman” Denton

old gang member, O’Neil Denton, known as ‘Hitman’… Later, Denton and his gang ambushed her as she walked home from school. During her two-hour ordeal, she was dragged around three separate locations and raped in turn by members of the gang, some as young as 13.

…’They punched me, kicked me, smashed my head against the wall, stripped me and slammed me onto my back. They were surrounding me, laughing and whooping. There were so many grabbing at me, pulling my clothes off. I’d reached the point of giving up. I really thought I was going to die.’

Such was the fear that the gang inspired, that at least five witnesses did not stop to help. She was then taken to the flat in Hackney, where the assault continued.

The girl later recalled Abraham Badru arriving at the flat and telling her to run while he blocked the doorway to prevent the gang from going after her.

…At the time of his death, he was the tenth person to be murdered in the capital in just 12 days.