Evening photos

(1) Måstadfjellet, Værøy (Lofoten Islands, Norway) by Tom Torstensen

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(2) Autumn forest (Germany) by Heiko Gerlicher (@heikogerlicher)

(3) Lavender field (Provence, France) by Simon Falvo

(4) Winter (Plansee, Tirol, Austria) by Nikolaus Brinkmann (@patheight)

(5) Vineyard peach blossoms (Germany) by Kurt Oblak

(6) Saint Petersburg (Russia) by Alexander Alexeev

(7) Fall foliage (upstate NY) from nyup.com

(8) Moraine Lake (Banff, Alberta) by Argen Elezi (@argenel)

(9) Cold morning (Bavaria, Germany) by Pascal Schirmer

(10) Country road in the morning light (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Adnan Bubalo

(11) Misty sunrise (Clinton, Cariboo, BC) by Robert R Grove

(12) Colours of autumn (Poland) by Grażyna Czajka-Bartosik

(13) Spring morning (Finland) by Asko Kuittinen

(14) Autumn reflections (no location given) by kani polat

(15) Winter reflections (Banff, Alberta) by Dax Justin (@daxjustin)

(16) Himeji Castle (Japan) by JAMES (@jamesrelfdyer)



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