NB Tory Questions Liberal Recruitment Tactics

A Conservative MP says Fredericton Liberal MP Matt DeCourcey may have breached House of Commons rules by seemingly using his taxpayer-funded newsletter to recruit campaign volunteers.

DeCourcey’s spring 2018 newsletter includes photos of a Liberal-organized door-knocking campaign in February and an invitation for people looking to “volunteer with our team” to contact his MP office.

House of Commons rules prevent MPs from using their newsletters, known as “householders,” to make “solicitations of membership to a political party” or “requests for re-election support.”

It’s not clear from the text whether people responding to the newsletter would become Liberal party members or campaign volunteers, but Conservative MP John Brassard asserted that’s likely what would happen.

“It sounds like he’s stepping up to the line, particularly on the aspect of volunteers. One could argue whether that was data mining or not — gaining information from people to help out for partisan activities,” said Brassard, the party’s ethics critic.