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Only one option for anti-Ford voters

Doug Ford is steaming ahead. His critics have accused him of being anti-immigrant, anti-medicare and singularly unqualified to become Ontario’s premier.

But if the public opinion polls are right, none of this has stuck. CBC’s Poll Tracker calculates that if current trends hold until election day, June 7, Ford’s Progressive Conservatives will handily win a majority of seats in the Ontario Legislature.

Canadian Officials React To The Violence In Gaza

After Israeli military forces killed dozens of protesters in Gaza on May 14, Canadian Jewish groups and politicians were quick to weigh in.

The violence began when tens of thousands of Palestinians rushed the Gaza border fence, some with flaming kites and explosives. Israel Defence Forces killed more than 50 Palestinians and injured more than 2,700, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, marking the most violent and fatal day for Palestinians since the 2014 Gaza war.

The hostilities broke out on the same day that the United States government officially opened its embassy in Jerusalem, a move spearheaded by President Donald Trump to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary.

B.C. Premier’s office staff improperly mass deleted emails

Several of Premier John Horgan’s top staff improperly deleted all of their sent emails for months, leaving confusion over publicly-accessible records during the busy first months of the new NDP government.

The mass deletion, which mirrors the records management controversies of the previous Liberal government, involved at least five officials in Horgan’s office: Kate Van Meer Mass, director of operations; Layne Clark, director of liaison and coordination; Suzanne Christensen, assistant deputy minister; Stephanie Papik, director in the deputy minister’s office; and Don Bain, special advisor to the premier.

In each case, all of their sent emails were requested under the Freedom of Information Act for a period of several months and came back with no records found.

Ford doesn’t ‘condone’ Trumpian ‘lock her up’ chant levelled at Wynne

A day after a Doug Ford supporter yelled “lock her up” about Kathleen Wynne, Ford said he doesn’t “condone” the comment.

The throw back to U.S. President Donald Trump’s election campaign was shouted during Ford’s rally in Niagara Falls, Ont. on Monday when he was talking about Hydro One.

It was first reported by the Toronto Star and QP Briefing. In video from the event, Ford is seen chuckling in response as the crowd breaks into applause.

Strike Two.

New Canadian anti-hate network looks to co-ordinate efforts against far-right extremism

It’s the same old-fashioned racism wrapped in modern bits and bytes.

Like pollutants in a river, overt racism has surfaced again in Canada. It is based on a fear of being overtaken by “the other” but is disguised as a “preference” for the white race in the interest of the “preservation” of Canadian identity. It sets its sights mainly on Muslims and non-white people as well as on Jews, feminists, LGBTQ2 groups.