Atwal Denies Making Threats

The man at the centre of a controversy surrounding the prime minister’s trip to India “vehemently denies” threatening a B.C. radio host, according to his lawyer.

Court documents show Jaspal Atwal was charged last month with threatening Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal, host of a daily Punjabi-language talk show broadcast online by Media Waves Communications.

Atwal made headlines during Justin Trudeau’s February trip to India, when he showed up at an official event despite a previous conviction for trying to assassinate an Indian cabinet minister during a trip to Vancouver Island in 1986.


Wearing a head scarf and suit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an appearance at Gurdwara Millwoods in southeast Edmonton Monday.

Hundreds packed the temple to witness the brief event with Trudeau, who did not make any public statements. He gave a food bank donation, was presented with a kirpan — a ceremonial dagger worn by Sikhs — and served food to attendees.​