Is Horvath Being Suckered Into the Bribing Game With Teachers?

In a word, yes:

Hammond’s relations with Wynne have been particularly testy, so his defection may not set off a wholesale shift in support among Catholic, French and secondary school educators. But Horwath needs to understand that all alliances with teachers’ bosses are conditional, and all the conditions are on her, not them. Should she become premier, she will be expected to repay their kindness … and repay and repay and repay. The announcement of ETFO’s support came with a prepared list of promises already made: $16 billion for “crumbling” schools; a moratorium on school closures; more hiring for teachers, educational assistants and “education professionals;” a new funding formula and an end to bothersome testing the union dislikes.

It’s a pricy list, but if Horwath thinks that’s the end of the giving, she’s still in the early stages of learning. When Ontario teachers unions profess their devotion to quality education, what they mean is a dedication to generous contracts and compliant governments. The students are just leverage.