Disgraced New York A-G Schneiderman sued pro-lifers for “unwanted contact”

From Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media,

On Tuesday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned in disgrace after four women accused him of sexual assault, specifically choking. In an act of high hypocrisy, the former A.G. sued pro-life activists for “unwanted physical contact” last year.

Last June, Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against no fewer than twelve pro-life activists.

“Since 2012, protesters have subjected incoming patients to a barrage of unwanted physical contact, as well as verbal abuse, threats of harm, and lies about the clinic’s hours and its services,” the lawsuit alleged. “Protesters descend on approaching patients to harangue them, sometimes pinning them against the clinic’s exterior wall or parking meters, and even forcing them into the street and oncoming traffic as they try to escape the protesters.”

Tellingly, the suit continued, “Some protesters go so far as to touch or grab at patients to get their attention and force printed anti-choice materials on them” (emphasis added). More.

Reality check: So? Rules don’t apply to Big Progressives. Were never intended to.

At this point, I only sympathize with people who don’t vote for them or listen to them.

People can’t pretend any longer that we really don’t know. We really do know.

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