Ten things teachers did not have to deal with in the past

From Jeremy S. Adams at the Educators’ Room

#7: Heroin, Opioid Epidemics: In 2015 alone more than 33,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses. More Americans have overdosed than were killed in the entirety of the Vietnam War. A school superintendent from western Maryland was succinct in the harms this crisis can produce: “In establishing contacts with some of our families, some of the principals learned that we had an increasing number of parents who were addicted to opioids and were using opioids. They noticed that the chronic attendance issues were linked to parents’ use of opioids: parents were not able to get up in the morning and get the kids ready, to get them on the bus, and to bring them to school. It was not just absenteeism. It was also the rise in tardiness—kids who were brought in well after the school day had started.” More.

Reality check: Until the public school system is dismantled in favour of vouchers and charter schools, none of these problems can be helped, certainly not one that begins at home.  Schools exist today to provide a living for union members at tax expense and there is no percentage in even trying to solve the problems, only in grandstanding while pretending to.

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