Sean Hannity offers an illustration for another autopsy report on traditional journalism

From Derek Hunter at Townhall, on the Sean Hannity uproar: “Fox News host Sean Hannity was “client #3” for Michael Cohen, one of President Trump’s personal attorneys.”

What Sullivan and all the other pearl-clutchers in the mainstream media know, but hope their audiences don’t, is Hannity isn’t a journalist. His job is not to report the news, it is to comment on it. Not in an objective fashion, but to give his opinion and perspective on it. “Hannity” is an opinion show, as are the prime-time line-ups of all the cable news networks. Information isn’t conveyed in an objective manner after 8pm anywhere. Do you think the clown shows on CNN with 8 liberals and 1 conservative who spends more time attacking Republicans than exhaling is an objective “news program”? MSNBC doesn’t even wait till primetime to go hard-left, you have to show your lobotomy scar to even be considered for a hosting job there.

Hilariously, Sullivan writes Fox “viewers see it as a champion against the Swamp and the Deep State, and they neither understand nor expect the need for objectivity,” as if objectivity is rampant elsewhere, or anywhere else. Democrats have no need to get colonoscopies because they know mainstream “journalists” will let them know if they see any polyps while they’re up there. More.

Reality check: Pungent. But Hunter is likely mistaken in thinking that the current crop of journo celebs understand the difference. They may never have experienced it.

As for their acting as Democratic Party operatives, the point is that many of the jobs they did in the past are obsolete. They are looking for people to serve and the Dems feel congenial to them.

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