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Artificial Intelligence Supermodel Claims “It’s Ok To Be White” On Instagram Account

It’s okay to be white. You’ve seen it written on several sheets of paper, posted on Twitter, and you’ve heard it spoken by anyone who is either proud to be white, or just wants to ruffle some liberal feathers. Recently, however, it hasn’t just been the “people kind” saying this controversial phrase, the robots on your computer are in on the action as well. “Wait, what? you’re saying that all robots aren’t crazy psyco’s ready to kill us?” Maybe not, but at least the one we’re going to talk about respects our president. That’s a start, right?

France: Arrest of woman wearing niqab triggers five nights of rioting and millions in damages

Footage shows that the arrested woman is heavily resisting her arrest and she is shouting insults at the cops. In a matter of minutes, a group of protesters rapidly formed and forced the cops to throw tear gas grenades to disperse the crowd.

The woman was placed in custody and will be judged in mid-May for “rebellion, outrage and violence on a custodian person holding public authority”.

Unfortunately, the problems were just the beginning: In the same area, a few hours later, approximatively 100 rioters started to burn cars and containers. A police station in the area was attacked as well.

Trudeau Government Hid Warnings About Returning ISIS Fighters And Possible Chemical Weapons Threat

The Trudeau government removed all references to ISIS fighters returning to Canada and posing a potential chemical weapons threat from a government report, despite warnings from its own public safety department.

According to documents obtained by Global News through an Access to Information request, the Liberal government redacted the final version of a Public Safety Canada report on the potential domestic terrorism threats of returning ISIS members.

Donald Trump should expect protests on UK visit, says Sadiq Khan

US president Donald Trump has been told he should expect loud and peaceful protests if a summer visit to Britain materialises.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has repeatedly clashed with the American world leader since they were both elected almost two years ago, made the remark following reports Mr Trump has a UK visit in the pipeline.

Speaking to the Press Association at a St George’s Day event in Trafalgar Square, Mr Khan said the capital is a place which respects, embraces and celebrates diversity.

Trudeau fires up Liberals with stinging attacks against Conservatives

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau launched his strongest attack yet against Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer with the closing speech of the Liberal national convention in Halifax, hoping to fire up his party for a long pre-electoral campaign.

Mr. Trudeau defended his government’s record with 18 months to go before the general election, while starting to make arguments for another mandate on Oct. 21, 2019. In particular, Mr. Trudeau got a standing ovation for talking about the arrival of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees after the 2015 general election.