A King-sized headache and for what?

Cops shakedown motorist on King


The King St. pilot (a.k.a social engineering experiment) is now into its fifth month and to date the changes in streetcar travel times have been miniscule.

In fact, it’s hard to say which is more pathetic: The minimal increase for the amount of pain inflicted on business owners and drivers (taxis and Uber drivers included) or the way city officials spin the numbers to make it sound far more successful than it is.

More… Nearly 5,000 tickets issued on King St. during pilot project, police say

I haven’t bothered going near King St. at all since the project began and I’ll continue to avoid the area whenever possible. The fines are outrageously punitive and not worth the risk for making a simple error, it’s war against the car but then we warned you against voting for Mayor McMush.