Here Is The Unbelievably Dumb Reason Fancypants Leftists Changed ‘Moslems’ To ‘Muslims’

We live in an age of labels, and having the right one is crucial to winning the many battles being waged — politically, culturally and rhetorically. The control of language (now also labeled as “free speech” and “hate speech”) has become just another process in the acquiring and holding of power. Those who control language control the mind.

A case in point: It was decided by literary culture that the practitioners of Islam were “Muslims,” and to call them “Moslems” was offensive, derogatory or even wrong. This led to “Muslim” being established as the correct and accepted designation, while “Moslem” has been thrown into the dustbin of history. Many even suggest (without any real basis in fact) that “Moslem” comes across as meaning “evil” in Arabic.