Evening photos

(1) Mountain sunset (Dolomites, Italy) by Maurizio Fecchio

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(2) Autumn (Thuringian Forest, Germany) by Heiko Gerlicher (@eikogerlicher)

(3) Birch grove (Russia) by

(4) Cold snowy morning (Edinburgh, Scotland) by Neil Roger

(5) Waddesdon Manor Gardens in full bloom (Buckinghamshire, England) by ukgardenphotos

(6) St Petersburg sunset (Russia) by Ivan Smelov (@smelov.photo)

(7) Spring snowfall (Chisone Valley, Piedmont, Italy) by Historicando Fotografia

(8) A fairytale scene (Czech Republic) by İlhan Eroglu

(9) Exploring the Spreewald (Brandenburg, Germany) by Sami

(10) Cherry blossoms by Bettina & Tintti

(11) Mt. Sneffels in the fall (Colorado) by Guy Schmickle

(12) Dolly Sods Wilderness (West Virginia) by Rick Burgess Photography

(13) Winter sunset (Finland) by Päivi Vikström

(14) Lake Bled (Slovenia) by Gürkan Gündogdu

(15) Rhododendrons in bloom (Redwood National Park, California) by Doug Shearer

(16) Split Rock Sunset (Minnesota) by Richard House



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