The big missed story of Chappaquiddick

From Mark Steyn:

I have always been revolted by the fact that Ted, after killing Mary Jo Kopechne, did not have the decency to do a John Profumo and retire from public life for the rest of his days – and I was even more revolted by the way Massachusetts voters did not have the decency to impose that choice upon him.More.

Reality check: For the sake of their own health, welfare, and safety, Americans should never forget that Democrat women protected Kennedy. As I said at Steyn’s site:

The fact that an honest film can now be made signals the weakening of the hold of Big Media, for whom the Kennedys were a major brand:

“I saw him walking over the hill/with Abraham, Martin, and John.” Etc. Yeah.

I remember the dismay of an honest news team some years back when their carefully detailed investigation of John’s and Robert’s affairs with suicide victim Marilyn Monroe was shadily suppressed by Big News because it interfered with The Legend.

Here’s the takehome point from Mark’s classic comments: Democrat women could have forced Ted’s retirement from public life.

Granted, they were willing to go down on presidential kneepads to Bill Clinton to keep abortion legal. They have always had the same relationship with abortion as Southern slaveholders had with slavery and for more or less the same reasons (lifestyle).

But then we always knew that about them. They made no secret of it.

What we didn’t know is that Democrat women were quite willing to just leave one of their own to die in agony and then cover it all up because Kennedy was a useful property and she wasn’t.

Welcome to Progressive World’s view of the value of human life in general. Vote for it and get way more of it.

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