Evening photos

(1) Beauty of a new day (West Virginia) by James Gramm

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(2) November woodlands (Hesse, Germany) by Heiko Gerlicher

(3) Snow Drift (Michigan) by Norm Hoekstra

(4) Mount Moran and fall aspens (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming) by Mike Cavaroc

(5) Wisteria (Ashikaga, Japan) [Condé Nast]

(6) Vivid aurora (Senja, Norway) by Kim Jenssen (@kimjenssenphotography)

(7) Red Oak by Sarah Verkaik

(8) Wasatch Mountains in winter by Utah Images

(9) Autumn berries by Firas Al Rubaiawi

(10) Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge (West Virginia)

(11) A Perfect Storm (Sedona, Arizona) by Guy Schmickle

(12) Winter wonderland (Hungary) by Mark Pozsonyi (@markpozsonyi)

(13) Tree-lined avenue in Anglesey Abbey Gardens (Cambridgeshire, England) by ukgardenphotos

(14) Winter morning (Asikkala, Finland) by Petri Forss

(15) Severe weather (Dodge City, Kansas) by Derek Burdeny

(16) The sunsets of all sunsets (Oía, Kikladhes, Greece) by Dave Constantini (@davecostantini)[Link is to Pinterest, the account has disappeared overnight*]



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