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Swedes don’t want to be teachers anymore due to dangerous school environments

Sweden has growing difficulties in recruiting teachers due to a lack of respect and safety at its schools. Many teachers witness harassments, violence and teenagers that threaten and sexually abuse fellow pupils and teachers.

Swedish schools are now planning on reinforcing security measures in schools due to the aggravated situation. There are a growing number of violent conflicts, often involving knives and other kinds of weapons.

Mounties issue warning after alleged Port Alberni vigilante attack

A man who is the subject of an ongoing investigation into child luring was injured in what appears to be an act of citizens dishing out punishment themselves, Port Alberni RCMP say.

Police were called to a house in Port Alberni on Thursday and found a 28-year-old man secured with restraints. Officers released him and took him to hospital for treatment.

“Preliminary indications are that the man was restrained as a result of vigilante actions,” an RCMP statement said.

The people who restrained the man could face charges of assault causing bodily harm and forcible confinement.

Black People Want To Beat Up Taylor Swift For Covering An Earth Wind And Fire Song

The worst thing to happen to black people since Obama left office occurred yesterday (Friday the 13th). Taylor Swift released a cover of the Earth Wind and Fire classic “September.” I know, it’s almost too much to bear. You see, to black people the pop star is a symbol of whiteness, something they can’t stand, so for her to “disrespect” a beloved black song is on par with flying a Confederate flag. It’s so bad, some are even calling for Swift to be physically beaten for this “hate crime.”

Sweden’s Reputation Is Being Tarnished

The Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in Literature, has been hit by a major crisis: in the aftermath of a corruption and harassment scandal involving the husband of Academy member Katarina Frostenson, three of the other members who are elected for life have walked out.

“The scandal that has hit the Swedish Academy is growing worse every day. At the centre of the drama is Katarina Frostenson, who is married to someone accused of sexual harassment and with whom she runs a cultural institution that has received large sums of money from the Academy over the years.

In this situation it would only be appropriate for Frostenson to vacate her seat out of a sense of self-preservation and regard for the institution she represents. But clearly she intends to stay put. … With each day the scandal continues, the reputation of the Nobel Prize and ultimately of Sweden as a nation is being further tarnished.”

Oh come on – no one takes the Nobel prize seriously after it was awarded to Gore and Obama. Besides, Sweden won’t exist in 15 years.

Federal department tells researcher his document request will be ready in … 80 years

Library and Archives Canada is promising to fulfill an Ottawa researcher’s access to information request. It just needs until 2098.

In correspondence reviewed by the Star, the federal department said it needed at minimum eight decades to review 780,000 records related to a mysterious RCMP investigation called Project Anecdote.

Researcher Michael Dagg requested the documents through the access to information system, which allows any Canadian to request government information for a $5 fee.

By law, most requests must be fulfilled within 30 days.