But why does Matthew Lau assume that Ontario wants success?

From Matthew Lau at C2C Journal,

The governing Liberals – insisting that the Ontario economy has flourished under their excellent management, despite all the evidence showing otherwise – have promised to continue barrelling down the same economic path of increased government control. Spending will continue to balloon, the minimum wage will rise by another $1 next year, and the fiscal plan calls for the government to run its 16th consecutive deficit in 2023-24.

A Liberal MPP from Mississauga recently tried to rebut his government’s critics by declaring that “we have tripled (the debt) and we’re proud of it.” Premier Kathleen Wynne, in damage-control mode, sought to clarify: what her member was proud of were actually the “investments” that their government had made. All those investments that have done so much to “stimulate” the economy over the last 15 years. In just under two months, Ontarians will decide whether they want more of the same, or have had enough.More.

Reality check: For many people, failure is much more attractive than success. One can whine, bitch, blame others, and demand compensation. The trouble with success is that, if you win this year, people kind of expect you to win next year too. That’s a pretty expensive lifestyle habit. Better to learn to lose early and often.

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