Evening photos

(1) The Canadian Rockies Series: Herbert Lake (Banff, Alberta) by Perry Hoag

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(2) Temples of ice (Russia) by Sergey Davydov

(3) Spirea thicket (Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, West Virginia) by Frank Ceravalo

(4) Maldives by Maldives (@omaldives)

(5) Spring in The Hague (Netherlands) by Rob Kints

(6) Partly frozen Lake Louise (Banff, Alberta) by Leigh McClurg (@pebbleshoo)

(7) A walk in the woods on an autumn morning (Ukraine) by Галанзовская Оксана

(8) Currants by Cashew Kitchen

(9) Autumn leaves by Evan Leeson

(10) Winter evening in the Swedish woods by Britti (@nordicbritti)

(11) Musée de l’Île-de-France (Parc de Sceaux, France) by Christie

(12) Sunset (Portland, Oregon) by Joseph (@gemini_digitized)

(13) Fall: aspen bole fence and Mt. Sneffels (Colorado) by Guy Schmickle

(14) Winter woods (Germany) by Heiko Gerlicher (@heikogerlicher)

(15) Flooded field (Slovenia) by Gorazd Kranjc

(16) Alsace (France) by Christina [Between the time I save it from Instagram and now the photo has been removed and reverse image search finds nothing. Link is to the Pinterest copy. Note: RIS does not include Instagram. The name “Christina” is too common for me to even find the original acccount]



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