Evening photos

(1) Morning mist (Losiny Ostrov National Park, Moscow district, Russia) by Alexander and Natalia Fedosov

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(2) Winter scene (from the Duffey Lake Road near Pemberton, BC) by Leigh McClurg (@pebbleshoo)

(3) Cochem Castle in autumn (Germany) by Kurt Oblak

(4) Looking out to sea (southern Oregon coast) [link broken, photographer unknown, reverse image source finds nothing]

(5) Amongst the tulips by Sarah Verkaik

(6) The Waterhole (South Africa) by Jeff Clow

(7) St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral (St Petersburg, Russia) by Alexander Atoyan

(8) Autumn colour (Warsaw, Poland) by Grzegorz Grzesiak

(9) Farm road among the poppies (Tuscany, Italy) by Sergey Davydov

(10) A very rough sea (Brittany coast, France) by Philippe Manguin

(11) Liberty Bell Mountain (North Cascades, Washington) by Dan Mihai

(12) Cherry Creek in winter (Colorado) by WilsonAxpe / Scott Wilson

(13) Country lane (Wicklow Mountains, Ireland) by Jenny Rainbow

(14) Dreaming of summer (Clift Beach, Cairns, Queensland, Australia) by Eleanor Gyllenberg (@rucksack_se)

(15) Snowy forest (Netherlands) by Martin Podt

(16) Old town (Prague, Czech Republic) by Mariusz Kluzniak



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