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Green Party leader: ‘I want to acknowledge my privilege as a white man’

On Wednesday night, the first of many Ontario leaders’ debates was held, sponsored by Operation Black Vote Canada and partner organizations. It featured Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, New Democrat Party leader Andrea Horwath, and Green Party leader Mike Schreiner – Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford was up north campaigning.

It was a night of mendacity, paying lip service, and spouting the typical left, identity politics buzzwords that facilitate victimhood culture.

Missouri Democrat Blasts White Politicians, Calls For Reparations

A Missouri Democrat who made news last year over a Facebook post where she admitted that it would make her warm and fuzzy if someone killed President Trump is back.

State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal was able to beat back efforts to remove her from office after her infamous social media posting caused such a stir and with her defiance, became a role model for the angry black identity extremists who blame everything on white people.

Chappelle-Nadal is now focusing her ire on white politicians in both parties and joining the long list of grifters who have been pushing the idea of slave reparations (translation: free stuff) as a remedy for all that ails African-Americans.

NYC to pay Muslims $1M in legal fees and $75K in damages although courts “did not find any unlawful activity”

The city has announced a settlement in lawsuit that accused police of improperly spying on Muslims.

The suit, filed back in 2012, focused on the NYPD’s use of informants in mosques and the gathering of information from Muslim student groups.

In the settlement, the city agreed to pay $75,000 in damages to the plaintiffs, as well as picking up their nearly $1 million in legal fees.

Little Potato should be taking notes on how to save money.

NEVER AGAIN? On Yom Hashoah, Poll Shows Two Thirds Of Millennials Don’t Know What Auschwitz Was

According to a new survey released on Thursday by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, fully 41 percent of Americans don’t know what Auschwitz was, including two-thirds of Millennials. Approximately 22 percent of Millennials had not heard of the Holocaust, and 41 percent of Millennials thought 2 million or fewer Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

This is troubling stuff.

‘A tough lesson’: Do First Nations hold trump card on Trans Mountain debate?

Between boycotts, showdowns, shareholder action and emergency cabinet meetings, it’s easy to overlook the lack of a crucial perspective in the white noise currently surrounding Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project.

But if Indigenous voices are missing from this moment’s very public pipeline debate, it’s not because they’re not speaking.